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Our company was founded in May of 1999 with the goal that it would focus all of its resources on the development of products and services that could be used to save time. We felt that if we could save time for people, they would reward us with a very valuable consumer-business relationship that would be beneficial for everyone involved. This plan has been working very well for us so far...

What DOES Xtratyme Do?


Our objective is to be a one-stop life-changing resource for our customers. While our external resource library appears to focus on Internet-related items, our scope goes well beyond this. As our company name implies, we have a passion for saving time. If we wanted to summarize what we do in one simple sentence, it would be:

"We provide the necessary tools and guidance to ensure that our customers can save time and enjoy a better quality of life"

What does this mean? There are several elements that are required for a "good quality of life". We will cover these and show you how we have developed tools to make your life better. Tools are only effective if they are used properly. We provide our customers with the opportunity to learn how to use their new tools effectively. Learning is an ongoing process so we add a support component to ensure that the formula is intact:

Good Quality of Life= Time + Life Tools + Education + Support

Let's analyze this formula...

Good Quality of Life

Before we can help to provide a better quality of life for our customers, we need to talk about what this means. We have listed some of the elements of a quality lifestyle below. While these may not apply to everyone, we believe that many of the items would be very appealing to most people. A good quality of life might include the following elements:

      • More Family Time
      • Less (required) Driving Time
      • More Time with Friends
      • More Liesure Time
      • Quality Relationships
      • Good Communications
      • Education Opportunities
      • Time Freedom
      • Frequent Vacations
      • Optimal Health and Wellness
      • More Opportunities to Live the "American Dream
      • Community Involvement
      • Enhanced Religion
      • Economic Freedom
      • Cultural Growth

This list is not fully inclusive but we believe it covers most of the important foundational elements necessary to improve your life. Did you notice that the word "time" was used five times? If you think about the other items that don't use the word, you will realize that time is still a very important element of each.

Time is the Most Valuable Asset on Earth

As you may have already guessed, time is the most important element in our formula. Time is an asset that cannot be created. We have a finite amount of it available to us and we can do two things with it. We can use it or save it. Since it cannot be created, this asset is more valuable than money or any other earthly possession. We believe it should be treated accordingly. How are you using your time? Do you have enough? Are you wasting it or are you investing it in the items that are necessary for a better quality of life?

Life Tools

Life tools are the items and resources that can be used to improve the quality of life. While time cannot be created, there are many tools available that can save time so it can be used more effectively. One of these tools is good Internet access. As with time, the Internet can have a positive impact on most of the quality of life elements listed earlier.

Good Internet access is only one of the many tools that Xtratyme can provide for its customers. It is, however, a very important tool--if it is used properly. The other tools that we have developed or we are developing are also very important in the realization of the quality of life improvment goal.


You can have the best tool in the world and it is useless if you don't know how to use it. The Internet is a tool and unless you know how to use it properly, it can waste your time instead of save it. It can degrade your quality of life and it can prevent you from attaining a better quality of life. We'd like to show you how to use the Internet to save time.

We have invested significant human capital in the development of our education processes at XTI. We have developed products and services that allow our customers to use their tools effectively. Without the education element, we are just another commodity-focused Internet provider. Without education, the formula is incomplete and it becomes extremely hard to realize a better quality of life without wasting very valuable time.


There are things that others can do for you that would only waste your time. If you don't want to do something and you don't want to invest your time to do something that is necessary, you need to utilize a support infrastructure. Since you are investing your money (and time) in this infrastructure, you need to trust your support resources. We want to help you to eliminate the things that waste your time. We have developed highly effective communication processes that allows you to use your tools (Internet, your PC, etc.) without worrying about the challenges associated with them.

We have developed a very unique 24/7 on-call system that is focused on saving customer time. We call you when it works best for you. We do not waste your time by making you wait for us. We hope that you will see that we care about you and that our "small town" approach is geared to making things pleasant and convenient. We are one phone call or email away and you can use us as your "one-stop" trusted resource.

Remember that trust is not given, it is earned. Let us show you how we'd like to earn your trust.


What do we do? We provide life-changing tools. We show you how to use these tools and we help you if your tools are not working properly or you need assistance in using them. Summarized in one sentence...

"We provide the necessary tools and guidance to ensure that our customers can save time and enjoy a better quality of life"

Since we understand the importance of your time, we have designed our company and our products around the premise that the tools we offer are useless if they don't save you time. Because we understand how valuable your time is, we hope that you can trust us. We hope that you invest a small amount of your time in our company as it will pay off significantly by saving you more time in the future. Let us show how time can change your life.

What will you do with your "extra time"?

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