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Can you imagine how much differently the Internet would perform if a designer were able to shut it down before your bedtime and have it completely redesigned overnight and ready for your use when you wake up the next morning?

The designer would probably ensure that your access would be very fast, always available, and economical. I would hope that the redesign would allow you to use the Internet to make quality phone calls, do videoconferencing, and watch movies with amazing clarity. Wouldn't it be nice to put an Internet camera in Fido's doghouse, in your son’s tree fort, and in your house to see if everything is okay at all times? Of course, your access would provide you with multimedia content that would keep you "in tune" with everything that is happening in today's world.

It would be really nice if your service was available 99.999% of the time and that you didn't have to worry about whether or not the Internet was too busy for you to use it.

Wouldn't it be nice to customize your Internet experience so that you could go faster than others if you wanted or use high-level features regardless of where you live or where you are located? I would like to think that my Internet access was secured and protected from criminals and eavesdroppers at all times. I would also hope that the designer of this "magic" service would be thinking about my time and how valuable it is.

Wouldn't it be nice if I was treated as a human at all times during my Internet experience?

We live in a mechanized world and we are often treated like machines. I have feelings and I think you do too. I like to be treated with a personal touch when I'm paying good money for things. If someone could design a company that puts the customer first and treats the customer as if they are a neighbor, it could be a good thing. Even better...what if the customer was treated like a member of the company's extended family?

Finally, wouldn't it be nice if the Internet were as simple and effective as television and the telephone of the past?

I am excited to announce that we are rebuilding the Internet to do these things. Our foundation is already built and we will soon be able to change the way the world uses the Internet. Our company has had the unique opportunity to rebuild the Internet (while you were sleeping) in very large geographical area and develop a model that will allow the Internet to replace the television and the telephone. It is not easy to rebuild the Internet after almost 40 years of evolution. The effort required community support, ingenuity, and a ton of hard work.

Technology is only a part of this simplistic thinking. Education is the missing component and we have not forgotten that. What if a company could come up with the perfect combination of technology, communication, and education? Would it be a good thing?

In summary...

We have developed the ability to control every aspect of Internet performance from the center of the Internet to each person's computing device in a very large geographical area (3% of Minnesota). We have used our many years of experience in this industry to develop a magic formula. This formula takes a commodity (Internet access) and makes it a highly valuable product. We believe this model has not been matched by our competitors and that our customers are treated better than any others in the industry. We'd even go as far to say that our customer service level is hard to beat--anywhere.

We would like to expand this model and offer this "new Internet access" to everyone everywhere. We are ready and are looking for partners to help us deploy this amazing model to communities throughout the world. Let us know if you would like to bring this to your community and we will show you how to bring this unique product to your home.



Kyle Ackerman
Founder, Xtratyme Technologies, Inc.


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