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It takes the Right Technology, a Well Defined Business Model and the Necessary Financial Resources. It also takes a partnership of experts with the tools and expertise necessary to provide the most comprehensive solution for servicing the growing need of broadband access across the country and the world. That’s why Motorola, Inc, Xtratyme Technologies, Inc. and NCSC (North Central Service Cooperative) are working together to provide the resources needed to enable communities across the world to build broadband wireless networks where broadband access is currently unavailable. The relationship not only creates the opportunity for delivering broadband internet connectivity access at high-speeds but, it also creates an excellent business opportunity for government organizations, community leaders and entrepreneurs wanting to invest in a business that is profitable, easy to manage and services the communities where they live or work.
Motorola’s Canopy™ Wireless Broadband Platform was designed specifically as a last-mile solution using the unlicensed 5GHz (U-NII) spectrum. It is ideal for geographic areas where cable and DSL services are unavailable or system deployment is not economically feasible. The Motorola Canopy™ solution provides a fast, simple and affordable way to deliver fixed wireless broadband to communities and rural areas currently unserved or underserved. For more information on Motorola’s Canopy™ Wireless Broadband Solution visit www.motorola.com/canopy
Xtratyme Technologies, Inc, offers a unique community-based broadband wireless program called the Blueprint America Program. This program provides a comprehensive step-by-step business model for investors and community leaders to build a successful and profitable broadband wireless network in their area. It also teaches them how to utilize their networks to establish the foundation for attracting new businesses, and high tech jobs, stimulating economic growth in their communities. To learn more about Xtratyme Technologies, Inc.’s Blueprint America Program visit www.xtratyme.com
NCSC (North Central Service Cooperative) a member-owned organization, governed by regionally elected public officials, operates, in collaboration with 538 cooperatives to combine the collective purchasing power needed for its customers both in the United States and Internationally. For communities wishing to create a broadband wireless network, NCSC can provide the necessary avenues for securing funding for network deployment costs. For more information on NCSC’s visit www.ncscmn.org
Conference: WCA's 9th Annual Technical Symposium & Business Expo. "Rising to the challenge in Broadband. January 13th - 15th, 2003 Fairmont Hotel San, San Jose, CA. http://www.wcai.com/event/ts9schedule.htm To learn more about the WCA www.wcai.com

"Creating Value in a 'Broadband Wireless Alliance' of System Aggregation: "Success in Franchising Services"

Who should attend?
Future WISP entrepreneurs, underserved community leaders, and anyone that would like to bring high-speed Internet access to their community in a way that is economically attractive and profitable.

When: January 13th-15, 2003. Discussion to be held at 2:15 am January 13th 2:00-2:45 PM, in the Fairmont Hotel's Crystal Room.

Where: Fairmont Hotel San, San Jose, CA.

Presenter: Kyle Ackerman, Founder & CEO, Xtratyme Technologies
Tom Hulsebosch, Director of Sales & Marketing, Motorola

VIP passes and additional discounts available by contacting Larry Johnson at Xtratyme. larry.johnson@xtratyme.com

Additional information: Visit the WCA Conference site by clicking this link http://www.wcai.com/event/ts9schedule.htm

Kyle Ackerman, kyle.ackerman@xtratyme.com
Phone: 1.888.987.2896 ext 2


Hear Motorola Canopy™ and Xtratyme Technologies, Inc speakers discuss Broadband Alternatives for Rural Deployments. Tom Hulsebosch, Director of Sales and Marketing for Motorola's Canopy™ products and Kyle Ackerman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Xtratyme Technologies, will share their stories and views on the topic: "Creating Value in a Broadband Wireless Alliance of System Aggregation: Success in Franchising Services." The panel is scheduled for Monday, Jan. 13, 2003 from 2p.m. - 2:45 p.m. in the Fairmont Hotel’s Crystal Room For more info on WCA’s 9TH Annual Technical Symposium Expo visit www.wcai.com

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